I can’t believe tomorrow is the beginning of July. While I have been practicing Yoga on and off for roughly 20 years now, it was in April that I decided to begin my teachers certification. There had been a great pull towards finding myself, fixing myself, and healing myself.

The past year had been a combination of emotional and mental stress and I was dealing with physical pain from herniated disks and other lumbar issues. I hadn’t been able to walk or stand for more than a couple minutes for much of the past year. I had been spending more and more time on my mat trying to relieve the discomfort I was in. I knew keeping mobile was the best for my body, as it would keep my muscles strong and flexible. In May I received a spinal injection and I have been able to gain further flexibility, mobility, and strength. Yoga is an encompassing practice. You will find strength and flexibility, but you will also find grace, patience, stillness, and oneness with yourself.

My teacher training was more than I ever could imagined and have decided to continue on to a 300 HR teachers certification. My focus will be on gentle flow, restorative yoga, chair yoga, and adaptive yoga. I want to work with those who are looking to de-stress and unwind, specialized populations (those with injuries, chronic illnesses, disabilities, etc.) and seniors. I am looking forward to learning and teaching along my journey with all of you, here on Striving4.